Who We Are

Board Members
Dr Mary Wyatt
Is an Occupational Physician who has focused on reducing work disability for a few decades. Patient care, work with employers and return to work programs, University teaching and research have been the areas in which Dr Wyatt has contributed to this field. Her focus at ResWorks is the development of research and communication to improve understanding in this area.
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Alan Clayton
is an independent consultant working primarily in the field of accident compensation and injury prevention. He is also an associate of the Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law at the University of Melbourne and the National Research Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Regulation at the Australian National University. Alan spends much of his time reviewing and advising about best practice in scheme management. He brings his wealth of international experience and focus on system improvement to ResWorks.
Richard Green
has twenty years experience in the workers compensation industry including claims management, conciliating disputes and customer service. Before that Richard worked in the manufacturing industry. He is currently the Injury and Claims Manager for the Country Fire Authority.
Alex Prior
is the Managing Director of Screen Hub, the online newspaper for the film and television industries. He has led an eclectic life as a journalist, playwright, festivals organiser and money raiser for the arts. Along the way, he developed expertise in creating and marketing internet businesses. His use to ResWorks is in developing online information systems.
Robert Hughes
Has 30 years experience developing and leading non profit organisations in the arts sector. He has written arts policy for the Labor, Liberal and National Parties (fortunately not at the same time). Robert's focus at Resworks is the development of administrative systems, governance and strategic planning.
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